Shark vs Dyson -Which Vacuum you should choose?

If you are looking for the best available vacuum cleaners available in the market today, Dyson and Shark are the two name that you will find on the top of every available list. Both of the above have become a household name when you are looking for performance and quality.

These brands have established themselves as top players in the business because of two reasons. Primarily because of the quality and performance of their vacuums and secondarily thanks to the variety of products they offer for each of your different needs.

Selecting the best among Dyson and Shark is a really tough task as both of them have their cleaners which perform without clogging or losing suction and can perform on various dedicated surfaces. Even they feature some similar technology such as the bagless canister for collecting dirt or the flip switch to select between stationary and vibrating brush.

It’s really tough to pick a winner among these two in just a look. That’s why we are doing a detailed analysis on both of them and try to find out where each one of them stands in various determine factors.

The main factors on which we will be focusing to decide a clear champion in a particular category will be performance, pricing, and warranty. If you look at a broader base when it comes to pricing the Dysons are bit expensive and in terms of the warranty, the sharks offer a slightly longer period of warranty. If you look at other features like weight, power chords and designs both of them have something unique to offer.

A little info about both Dyson and Shark

Before we start comparing the actual products of the two companies it would be nice if we can learn something about the companies itself.


The company was established in the early 90s and instantly became popular because of the innovative technology which they used in their products. The transparent dust chamber, cyclonic suction tech, and ball joint steering were some of the major features which helped them to gain the faith of customers.

The above design features won them many awards in the industry and shortly they became the bestseller in the UK. The company has never seen back from that day and went on to dominate the global market. In really quick time Dyson was started to be foreseen as the benchmark in the category of high-end vacuums.

Obviously, the company charges a bit extra when compared to others, it counters that by offering it’s used by superior quality cleaning performance. Also, Dyson offers some of the most powerful vacuum cleaners around, if you compare them to regular vacuums they have almost twice the power.



The company is relatively newer in the market and has been looking to directly compete with Dyson ever since its inception. The company has launched products which are similar to Dyson’s product in many aspects. While Shark’s rival has target customers who are looking for premium products, Shark has developed the reputation for being a budget brand.

Over the years Shark has offered products which are similar to the Dyson’s and they even try to match their performance at an unbelievably lower price. Shark’s products are almost 50% cheaper than that of Dyson’s.

So let’s go beyond the marketing advertisements and look for ourselves that what each of them has to offer in the various categories. We will achieve this by comparing the similar models from both the companies in terms of their strength and weakness.

We will compare the best available cleaners of the companies in two different sections namely in Upright and Handheld to find out the superior one. So, without wasting a sec lets go to the comparison part.

  1. Dyson vs Shark – Who made the Best Upright Vacuum

Here we have the Cinetic Big Ball Animal Plus Allergy to represent Dyson and True Pet Nv752 from Shark Rotator. Both of the above models are the latest from their brands and are the premium choice for anyone who has shielding pets. These vacuums can easily remove fur and hairs from carpets and hard floors and another surface without beating a sweat.


Dyson Ball Animal Upright Vacuum

The Big Ball Animal Plus is a powerful and highly efficient vacuum against dirt, dust, pet hairs and allergens. It comes packed with companies most trademark features like the central ball design, multiple cyclone suction system, the bagless dirt chamber and many more.

This Dyson Cinetic Big Ball features the new “kinetic technology” which is the new and improved mechanical filter. It works as a Kinetic tip oscillates at a very high frequency which removes the fine particles from the flowing air. This action prevents any kind of dust build up in hose and piping which can later contribute to the suction loss.

The vacuum is really high-tech, it has removed the filter totally as a result you need not worry about washing or replacing the filters from time to time. Also, Dyson ensures that the vacuum won’t lose suction power even after long time usage.

Its suitable for the persons looking for a powerful upright vacuum which features high manageability than regular ones. It really efficient if you have wall to wall carpet laid in your home.


  • HEAP Filtration
  • Bagless and Filterless design
  • Selector switch to turn on or off the brush
  • Wide cleaning head


  • Clears a much larger area as compared to most of the vacuum cleaners thanks to its wider head
  • Has Dysons cinetic technology that maintains its suction even after years
  • Suitable for dealing with fine particles and allergens provides a deeper cleansing effect
  • The HEAP filtration system ensures it does not expel contaminated air back into the surrounding
  • Offers versatile cleaning thanks to its multiple attachments
  • Easier to clean crevices, upholstery and hard to reach places
  • Can easily clean pet hairs and fur


  • Slightly heavier for people who use shark
  • Averagely sized bin
  • 180 AW of suction power, although it seems enough
  • Price is slightly expensive

Shark Rotator Nv752 Powered Lift-Away Trumpet

Shark Rotator Nv752 Powered Lift-Away

I really don’t know that in which section I should put this cleaner, it’s a 3 in 1 vacuum cleaner ready to be used as an upright, canister or handheld vacuum. It is a real champion stuff and performs in every department as a charm. You take it under the bed or around the furniture, it maneuvers pretty well.

It features the swivel steering and the lift away canister, altogether they make it really versatile uprights around. When you look at the build quality and components it’s identical to its predecessor.

Unlike its competitor, it has a filter that is washable in nature. But don’t get confused that the filter will get chocked after some time and cause a drop-in suction power later. It feature’s sharks advanced cyclonic technology that ensures the filters remain clean and don’t get clogged quickly.

This shark features motorized brushed which is way better than the air powered brushes, as it won’t get stuck or lose power. It can be used as an upright on each and every type of floor but is highly recommended for carpeted and laminated homes.


  • Complete seal technology to keep dirt and dust sealed away
  • Features a motorized brush
  • 3 in 1 functionality
  • HEAP filters
  • Different floor attachments, highly versatile


  • Thanks to lifting away design it can reach any place which you want
  • You get a combination of 3 vacua in one
  • It’s much cheaper when compared to others
  • It can also clean hard floors thanks to its attachment
  • Good to clean allergen thanks to complete sealed filters


  • The filters need to be washed regularly and replaced
  • The design is not updated


  • Price: when you consider price as a deciding factor and compare Dyson with Shark, the result is always going to be the same. The Shark has priced much aggressively than the Dyson, it is nearly available at the half the price of Dyson. So, when I am getting similar performance at half the price my money is on Shark
  • Hands-on working: The design of both the cleaners have not changed much from their previous models and remains nearly the same. For Dyson, it becomes hard to reach low clearance furniture whereas shark can reach that place
  • Filtration system: The Dyson features a Filterless design which that you don’t need to worry about the replacing or washing the filters, which is an advantage. The Shark over here has a washable filter which needs to wash at regular intervals and after designated time you have to replace those.
  • Performance: Both of the above models works well on almost all the tested surfaces but on the harder surfaces Dyson seems to overtake Shark. It collects all the size of debris whereas sharks tend to push around big sized objects.

If you have any interest on Shark vacuum, you can read our hand-picked top rated shark vacuum review

On the other hand, shark tends to work better while collecting pet hairs and fur from carpets and floors.

            Comparison Table

                    DYSON                  SHARK
Filtration System Cinetic Science Technology Sealed Vacuum Technology
Cord Length 35 feet 30 feet
Suction Power 180 AW 270 AW
Bin Capacity 0.57 Gallon 0.82 Gallon
Weight 19.18 lbs 15.61 lbs
Warranty 5 years 7 years


  1. Shark vs Dyson – Who makes the Best Handheld Vacuum

Now we go into the realm of handheld vacuum cleaners, here we find a lot of options from both the companies. For the Dyson, we have V7 Trigger which is a cordless cleaner and on the other side, we have Shark Rocket, a powerful and wired cleaner. Both of them are really powerful and are capable of delivering great cleaning performance.

Dyson V7 Trigger

Dyson V7 Trigger Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum

It’s a known fact that handheld vacuums are not as powerful as their upright counterpart. But there comes a time when all you need is less power and very high maneuverability is required, this Dyson was designed for the exact same scenario. It will surprise you for sure when you find that it can even clean carpet, upholstery, and floors. It was certainly designed keeping in mind the key points like compactness, light weightiness’ and portability which makes it capable enough to be carried on boat and cars.

Thanks to its Dyson digital motor V7 its one of the most powerful handheld vacuum in the market. It can generate up to 100 AW which sufficient to take care of all your portable cleaning needs. Even though it has a lot of power it quite silent while operating, more silent than its predecessor.

It is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and provides a maximum of 30 min of runtime. It gets quickly recharged much quicker than other and takes only 3 hours for full-scale charging. The chord free nature allows you to reach all those places where normal vacuums don’t reach.

Even it comes with multiple attachment heads help you vacuum efficiently. It comes with a rotating brush tool, a stationary brush tool and the crevice tool, together they give new meaning to the versatility of this cleaner. Even the getting rid of the collected dirt is very easy in this complete package, it features a hygienic dirt ejector which allows you to empty the can without touching the dirt.


  • 30 minutes of cordless operation
  • A max mode for high power operation
  • Lifetime washable filters
  • Comes with 2 years warranty


  • Decent runtime
  • Easier to empty the bin
  • Cordless convenience
  • Ideal for small homes with bare floors and carpets
  • Features a motorized brush
  • Lightweight


  • Smaller dirt bin
  • On the expensive side
  • No deep cleaning

Shark Rocket HV292

Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac (HV292)

Unlike its competitor the Shark Rocket (HV292) is not a cordless vacuum, instead, it features a 15 feet cord. It has got more cleaning power which is kind of for the cordless feature. It has enough suction to clean your carpet, floor or mattress and can reach anywhere you would like it to. Shark Rocket HV292 features a good flexible hose which can be effectively switched with the crevice and brush tool.

The motorized brush tool is really good and can remove all the pet hairs from the couch and the carpets. The brushes are easy to install on the hose. It features a large dust cup which is quite easy to empty.

It features a similar filter as its rival which can be washed and reused. Although the company claims it can be used repeatedly but actually we found its effectiveness to go down every time you wash it. The vacuum is so lightweight that you can clean your home in one starch, without having a strain in your arms.

Overall it is one of the best available handheld vacuums in the market and is really efficient for cleaning any kind of dirt from almost all the surfaces let it be carpet, mattress or hard floor.


  • Motorised brush attachment
  • 12” Crevice Tool
  • Lifetime washable filters
  • Comes with 5 years warranty


  • High suction power
  • Easier to empty the bin
  • Ideal for small homes with bare floors and carpets
  • Features a motorized brush
  • Lightweight


  • Washable filters lose effectiveness after every wash
  • Handle at the end of the device making it feel slightly heavy


  • Price: This is the one point in which Dyson cannot beat Shark. The Shark was designed keeping in mind that it has to target the customers of Dyson. The shark is effectively priced whereas the Dyson is priced almost double. If you are in the budget, the shark is the product for you.
  • Hands-on working: This design of the vacuum cleaner is compact and supports movability. Both of them can take care of dust in even the hard to reach corners. Dyson gains upper hand as it is cordless on contrary Shark has greater power.
  • Filtration system: Both of them have similar kind of filters that are washable and can be used again and again. Both of them have an excellent way of disposing of the collected dirt.
  • Performance: When it comes to performance Shark here has a more dominant reason to be considered. With more power, it can provide a deep cleansing effect and easily takes care of most of the dirt on almost each and every surface.
On the other hand, Dyson can provide deep cleansing action but only for a limited 6-7 minutes, which is not enough. It can be carried to places where others can work that’s an advantage.
                    DYSON                  SHARK
Filtration System Washable Filters Washable Filters
Cord Length Cordless 15 feet
Suction Power 30 AW (110 AW max mode) 150 AW
Bin Capacity 0.15 Gallon 0.25 Gallon
Weight 3.8 lbs 3.7 lbs
Warranty 2 years 7 years


In the above two categories, we have seen the Shark becoming people’s favorite as it is much cheaper than the Dyson. Shark has dominated the playing field by introducing some of the most powerful vacuum cleaners. Over the past couple of years, it has turned the customers in its favor. Dyson has become the premium choice for those who love to have extra reliability and can afford a bit more. This is not the end as another part of this epic faceoff will be published soon in two different categories.

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