Dyson vs Shark Cordless Lightweight Vacuum – Which one to Choose?

In our last post, we tried to sort out things between The Dyson and the Shark, both the companies are giving cut throat competition to each in various segments. Previously we took a look into two of the most popular sections; the uprights and the handhelds, now it’s time we expand our view into further dimensions such as the best cordless and the best pet hair vacuums.

Today we will try to find out that which company offers better vacuum machines when we looking into the world of cordless devices. It’s a good day for all of those people who own a pet, as it shields a lot and you need to take care of the fur-hairs every now and then. You may be looking to get a vacuum that is good at picking fur, your that demand will be taken care of too. By the end of the day you will have a clear cut; rock solid idea that which device you should go for and what features you will have in them.

So let’s not waste any second further in talking about things that don’t matter much and get straight to each section.


  1. Who makes the Best cordless and lightweight vacuums – DYSON or SHARK

For this round in the Dyson vs. The Shark bought we have the warriors ready in each section, for Dyson, we have the V8 ANIMAL and representing the Shark we have the ION ROCKET. Both of the devices are the latest, lightweight and cordless making them an ideal match for each other.

These cleaners are capable to provide decent run-time and better suction power than any other model in the market. But before we go for the in-depth analysis let me make myself very clear regarding the fact that these are just the secondary cleaners and not for cleaning your entire home, unless your home in really small.

These vacuums can take care of smaller cleaning needs, such as places where it’s really hard to take your regular vacuums for example over the shelves, ceiling fans or space above kitchen cabinets.


Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson V8 is one of the best available vacuums in the market under when you are looking under the lightweight and cordless category. The deciding factor which makes any of the cordless vacuums an instant hit is the runtime and battery life. The Dyson stand tall in the market as it provides almost double run-time when compared to any other model in this range and also has a decent battery life.

The Dyson V8 Animal also comes with a pre-attached direct drive cleaner head which gives it the ability to clean both carpets and floors without much hassle and zero extra equipment.

This Dyson features all the attributes of the company’s V8 line including a full-sized motorized head, a mini motorized pet hair attachment making it ideal for pet owners. Together these attachments are good enough for the most spot jobs such as doing curtains, blinds or upholstery, and various other fabric surfaces.

The battery-powered V8 gives a decent run time of around 40 minute’s max, which overshadows every other product in the market. If you need to run it on maximum power then it will last somewhere between six to eight minutes. The battery of V8 is charged via the wall-mounted docking station, it gets fully charged in around 3 to 4 hours.


  • A complete transformer can be used as a handled or a cordless
  • Gives around 40 minutes of run-time, 25 minutes with its motorized attachments
  • Pressure switch, cut off powers supply as soon as you release the trigger (switch)
  • Features wall mount charging and storage
  • Direct drive cleaner head gives you the much deeper cleaning power


  • Easily the best lightweight cordless cleaner out there
  • Feature easy to remove brush bar, makes it much easier to maintain
  • Features the HEPA filtration system, keeps you ensured that the allergens and containment’s stay locked inside
  • The motor is much silent than other vacuums, won’t cause any disturbance to anyone while the operation
  • Great choice for the people with pets as it easily picks up pet hairs and furs


  • with all the features is ends on the expensive side, if you are on a low budget this will be a tough choice
  • No removable battery, even if you have a spare battery you cannot switch them even if runs out of juice, anyhow you need to recharge it
  • Not ideal for the hard floors, won’t work its magic as on fabric


Shark ION Rocket IR101:

Shark Rocket Ion Ultra-Light Cordless Bagless VacuumIf you are looking for a cordless vacuum in the market under which must be lightweight and performs really well, there are chances that you will stumble across Rocket ion at every place you look. To tackle the transformers of Dyson shark came up Rocket series, but the new design had short come – it had a cord. The cord provides extra advantages but here it was a shortcoming. So the company started from the scratch and replaced the cord with the hi-performance Li-ion batteries. These devices are good and capable of giving run-time as long as 30 minutes.

This Shark is designed to take on the Dyson on every front, as a result, it has all the necessary features such as the mini turbo brush for cleaning fabric surfaces such as curtains, blinds or upholstery, and various others. Even this can work on the hard floor.

The Shark offers solid 25 to 30 minutes of cleaning with its batteries. If you are not satisfied with this you can easily switch the batteries with the spare ones. The Smart Response Technology enables it to adjust the roller speed depending on the type of surface.


  • Powerful Li-ion batteries capable of long usage, around 30 minutes depending on the surface
  • Features removable batteries, in case you need extra juice
  • Features LED headlights, enables you to see in dark spaces while cleaning
  • Impressive design, all the buttons, and controls in front of fingers
  • Highly versatile machine to clean floors, ceilings and even pets furs and hairs


  • Easily one of the best lightweight cordless cleaner available
  • LED headlamps give you the ability to see in dark places
  • Features the HEPA filtration system, keeps you ensured that the allergens and containment’s stay locked inside
  • The motor is much silent than other vacuums, won’t cause any disturbance to anyone while the operation
  • Great choice for the people with pets as it easily picks up pet hairs and furs


  • The design is all good, but the top part is slightly heavy making it bit difficult to work
  • The carpets are cleaned but not as effectively as a Dyson can take care of it
  • Doesn’t have a wall mount and also the bin is quite small


  • Price: The Dyson is one of those cleaners that come at a commercial price even though it’s completely designed for the residential use. On the other hand, Shark is much cheaper and can provide decent cleaning experience, so people on a tighter budget will tend to go for Shark
  • Hands-on working: The design of both the cleaners are really impressive, the Dyson features a trigger switch to minimize power consumption’s whereas Shark comes with the upfront control panel. Both have their own advantages.
  • Filtration system: The Dyson features a Whole vacuum HEPA filtration design which has the washable filters. The Shark over here has a washable foam filter along with the Anti-Allergen post motor filter. Both these filters are needed to wash and replaced after fixed intervals of time.
  • Performance: Both of the above models works well on almost all the tested surfaces, the shark has some advantage because of the Smart Response Technology seems to have an upper hand. It works well on most of the surfaces including hard floors, Dyson is still good on the carpets

Both of them are good while collecting pet hairs and fur from carpets and floors. If you are interested in Shark Cleaner, you can check out our top shark vacuum reviews also.

Comparison Table

                    DYSON                  SHARK
Filtration System Whole machine HEPA filtration with a washable lifetime filter Washable lifetime foam & felt filters
Battery runtime 40 mins 30 mins
Suction Power 115 AW 100 AW
Bin Capacity 0.54 liters 0.33 liters
Weight 5.6 lbs 7.2 lbs
Warranty 2 years 2 – 5 years


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