15 Places I Bet You Are Forgetting To Vacuum

Being clean is great for everybody. We all want a neat and clean home which gives us refreshment with a warm fragrance in the air.

Do you ever think up why your house looks like blemish yet you clean it every day?

Why there is a thin layer of dust on the table after you’re done the cleaning? If you have this problem, then you can find your solution below.

Who doesn’t love to stay clean all the time? But, the fact is while cleaning, most of the people either don’t know how to clean properly or end up making some mistakes on the process.

They only focus on the part which is visible. And, leave the hard to see places like under or behind the furniture or windowsills.

If you forget to vacuum certain places, then the dust can spread other areas and thus you will fail to keep your home clean.

A neat and clean home is possible when you clean every nook and cranny of our house. You need a little bit more effort to have a clean home.

I’m going to share with you ten places that you might forget while cleaning your house. Try to clean them or else you will fail to find your desire cleaned house that you want!

15 Places Probably You Ignore them to Vacuum

Take a look up these places which you might skip to vacuum.

  1. Underneath and behind of Furniture

While cleaning, don’t just focus on the visible part of the furniture, instead focus on what’s under and behind them.

Most of the time, we only clean up the front areas and the upper side of the furniture.

‘Out of sight, out of mind?’

But if you notice the under and behind of the furniture, you can see the thick layer and rolls of dust, spider webs or eggs grown there.

So, with a vacuum or a dusting wand, clean under the sofa, table braces, bed, cabinets, etc. during your next clean.

Vacuum the underscore as well as on the top surface of the furniture. And, don’t forget to clean the backside dirt, clean these 2-3 times every month.

You’ll be glad or may be disgusted to see what you find lurking there!

  1. Tops of Door, Cabinets and Picture Frame

We all have a common tendency in avoiding to clean the top, which is totally wrong in cleaning sessions.

One of the reasons for your gloomy home is the dusty door, cabinets, and frame that are hanging on the wall. Dirt and debris can accumulate on top of them.

Wiping with a spin mop after vacuuming is a good habit and follow it if you want to a tip top.

Also, don’t forget to clean the light and ceiling fan. Clean these with an extendable duster.

If you don’t have any duster, then go with a microfiber cloth. Bind it to a broom or mop handle with a rubber band to use it on the top layer.

Check out our spin mop review article to know more about the spin mop.

  1. Shades and Blinds

Don’t give any chance for rubbish to grow up in shades and blinds. Window dressings have no protector that plays against ash, dirt, and debris.

Leaving dust on the shades and blinds are the obstacle for any clean home because air flow from the window will also blow the dust particle throughout the rest of your room.

So, don’t let to settle any dust particle on the shades and blinds. Clean them whenever you do your cleaning task.

You can clean them with the crevice tool that comes with the vacuum cleaner.

  1. Windowsills

It also tends to accumulate the dust particle as well as ash and other contaminants which are the cause of allergy and asthma.

If you or your loving person is suffering from these health issues, then don’t forget to vacuum the along windowsills with a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. It designed for purifying the air. It allows only the fresh and allergen-free air which enter your home.

The brush that comes with the vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning windowsills. Ensure there is no dust particle remain after cleaning the windowsills.

  1. Closet’s Floors

Pack off clothes is one of the daily house chores. We used to do it. But do you ever think about to clean up the closet’s floor?

If the closet’s floor is cover with carpet, you have to vacuum it twice in a week with a specialize stair vacuum. Otherwise, the mold and mildew can grow up inside the cabinets and ruin your favorite clothes and shoe.

One more option to consider to improve cleaning in less accessible areas is buying an electric broom, which is light-weighted vacuum with an upright arm.

  1. Indoor Plants

Most of us forget to clean it. But trust me, One of the house chore tasks is to clean up the indoor plants else it would be the cause of a dirty house.

It doesn’t matter the plant is real or artificial; both can gather dust on the leaves. So try to clean every day or after two days. It’s easy to clean. You can clean it with a shower or a duster.

  1. Heating Ducts and Air Conditioning Vents

You know this is the one place which has to vacuum in routinely. It is the route of air by which air can enter and disperse throughout your house.

But alas! We ignore to clean up it! Dust can easily aggregate in the ducts and vents. If you don’t clean it, then contaminated air can enter your entire house.

So the healthy idea to stay away dusty air is don’t forget to vacuum your heating ducts and conditioning vents.

  1. Drawers

Yes, I agree that drawers or cabinets are tricky to clean, and usually we don’t think up to clean it as most of the time these are full of tools or kits.

But in term of cleanliness, we should think about it to clean as dust also found inside of them.

If you don’t clean them, then these are more difficult to manage, and things are getting dirtier day to day. That’s why you should clean the drawers and cabinet

To stop sucking up your desired top, stretch a thin sock over the nozzle to collect the dust without getting anything else.

  1. Dishwasher and washing machine

These cleaning machines should be clean in routinely if you want a neat and clean home. If these cleaning tools get dirty then each time, you use them you may just be spreading up dust.

Remember dirty dishwasher and washing machine are the cause of mold. So why not you clean up routinely and ensure a germ-free tool.

  1. Door Knobs and Switch

These are uncommon things that we clean up. If you want an immaculate home, then we recommend you clean them with a microfiber cloth or a brush.

  1. Vacuum Cleaner and Vacuum Tools

To stay clean and ensure a decent place you have to wash your vacuum cleaner. Other cleaning tools also need to clean up every month. Otherwise, these fail to clean correctly.

Dust and debris can clog the route of the vacuum cleaner and damage the suction power of the device. Also, the dirty vacuum cleaner is the cause of bad odor.

Don’t forget to clean these tools carefully and make sure the odor get away after washing the vacuum cleaner.

  1. Walls and Baseboard

These are the obvious thing which you have to clean up as they can cling dust and grime. These are not visible in the early stage; but in the long term, dirt and rubbish are hard to remove from walls and baseboard.

To make your cleaning task manageable, notice throughout the vertical and horizontal surface of the walls and baseboard.

You can see the lurking dust. Clean up these dust with a cloth or brush while you vacuum the home.

  1. Fridge Coil

You may use to clean the inside of the fridge, but what about the outside particularly fridge coil. The dusty coil should be clean up at least once a season.

Skinny crevice tool which comes with your vacuum cleaner perfect for clean up the loops of the fridge coil. Else you can use the handheld vacuum cleaner.

  1. Computer Keyboard

You might be wondered to hear that a lot of grime clings into your computer keyboard.

To get rid of the dust that grows up in the cracks you need to use a reliable vacuum cleaner. Don’t wipe it with the damp cloth.

  1. Brooms and Mops

Cleaning implement should clean up after use of several times as these are also get dirty. These are used to pick up the dust from the floor, but it doesn’t mean you use dirty broom and mops.

If you clean with dirty one then you can’t get better performance from them. That’s why you need to wash these tools with soapy water.

Don’t use them to clean, until they get dry completely.

Final Verdict

After reading the article, I hope you will unquestionably clean up those place or tools which I mentioned. Last but not the least which things I missed but you clean up. Please share with us in the comments below.

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