8 must have tools for homeowners

What makes your “House” a “Home”? It is confusing. But there is a difference between a “House” and a “Home”. Anyone can have an apartment in his/her name. Put a good deal of money for it and you can even purchase one. That is a house. But a “Home” is something different. “Home” is where the heart is. Also, a good home needs to be tidy, well managed, clean and organized. That’s why we choose a few of the must-have tools for homeowners.

To accomplish that, we need all the help we can get from modern technology. This article will tell you about 8 machines you need to have in your house for an easy and healthy living.

Must have kitchen items

The Best Dustbusters AKA Vacuum Cleaners

For me, a good home is a clean one. Before anything else, I prioritize the need for a good cleaning machine. How much do we need it? I can’t sum the importance of vacuum cleaners in words. These things help to keep our premises clean from dust, mite, insects, tiny garbage parts, pet hair and more.

Imagine getting up from sleep one morning and having to look at a messy, dusty and gloomy house. Not pretty to look at I know. An unhygienic house affects our physical and mental well-being. Your loved ones, beloved pets, and neighbors may fall prey to the germs and dust particles harmful to their body. Scary, right? But a simple vacuum cleaner may solve the problem for eternity. There are thousands of choices available on the market for a Dust Buster AKA Vacuum Cleaner. To choose the ideal one, you can check out our top 10 dustbuster reviews.

A Small Pressure Cooker for Your Kitchen

For me, the kitchen is the most significant part of any house. It is your “Cooking Sanctuary”. So, I take every opportunity to make my life easier while I cook. I mean, with all the work, the household chores, and busy schedule, a minute saved is a minute gained in cooking. Simple utensils with ceramic and electric cooktops are the order of the day for some. But it still consumes time. 2 years back I used to spend one hour for each meal that I cooked. But with a small tweak, I saved myself 15 – 20 minutes of cooking.

Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy cooking very much. But now I do it with a Small Pressure Cooker instead of the manual process. The result is I get to cook more dishes. My cooking prowess has improved, and I can spend 15 – 20 minutes more with my family. I say that is a lucrative deal I made with myself.

A Classy Refrigerator for Your Kitchen

This one is obvious. We all need a refrigerator in our kitchen to keep our foods edible for a long time. Everyone knows that refrigerators keep the basic temperature of your food items low. So, our nasty microscopic friends (Hint: The Germs) can’t invade. Also, the cool temperature slows down food degradation. That helps immensely as we can fall prey to long term or short term health problems by eating “Degraded Foods”.A refrigerator can save you thousands of dollars a year on medical bills. But the trick is, you don’t need a hefty sum of money for that. Just choose one which best complements your style of living while maintaining the high standards of food hygiene. In simple terms, go for a budget-friendly one. Don’t forget to clean and keep your refrigerator organized for better results. A good cook must always know what is where.

A Water Purifier

As tiny as it is, a water purifier is the most basic thing you need around you. We already talked about germs in the previous section. Water is perhaps one of the easiest mediums to get contaminated. Don’t be surprised if you find Chlorine in your water. Adding chlorine might solve the bacteria problem but adds up to the “Diseases” column that is still harmful. Also, if you have not re-done your plumbing job, there might be issues where you’ll find some lead or any other material that might come through the pipelines.

Also, you need water for coffee, tea or any other liquid consumables that you may cook up. The answer to all your woes and worries is a water purifier. Keep this little machine in your house and live a worry-free, disease-free life. They come in all shapes and sizes but consider your budget, the family size, and your daily water consumption frequency before you set out to buy one.

A Coffeemaker to Soothe Your Urges

Okay, I admit I couldn’t resist the temptations of putting it in here. I’m a coffee addict, and an espresso machine is a must have my house. Many of you might not like coffee or tea. That is understandable. But it is for those who crave a sip of coffee in the morning. If you want a quality coffee maker in your house, please be sure to sort out a few factors. Do you want a simple coffeemaker with grinding pods or an expensive one with milk frothing wand, inbuilt grinder, coffee brewer and other features? The choice is up to you. Some of the coffeemakers come with additional functions than simply espresso making capacities. You can even have cappuccinos, latte, café Americano and so on. Read the instruction manual carefully to find out what kind of features you are dealing with.

Must have indoor exercise tools

Get Yourselves an Exercise Machine

This one goes without saying. We all need to keep fit to fend off bodily discomfort, backaches, shoulder troubles, and muscle spasms. Also, shaving off the extra bit of fat is always useful. For the elderly, it is more of an “Ironclad Rule” that you must remain fit and agile. But don’t rush to all the expensive gym membership packages just yet. You can set up your very own gym in your bedroom or anywhere else in the house. You’ll just need to buy either a rowing machine or an indoor cycling machine to keep things basic. Don’t worry. These things can be as cheap as 100 bucks only. Some cost lower than 100 dollars! But they deliver when it comes to performance. Do a bit of scouting before you actually buy an exercise bike, and you’ll be good to go. Buy a portable tool for the job. You won’t have to think twice about storage issues after using.

Must have garden tools

Get an excellent Lawn Mower

Your house is a house both on the inside and on the outside. A nice house with tidied garden outside and the great paint job look quite picturesque. But it is easier said than done. To maintain the “Picturesque” look of your house, you’ll need to clean up the inside and the outside gardens as well. What better tool to use than a Lawn Mower? These things are often cheap, yet they do a fantastic job in cutting down “Overgrown” grass and weed from your vegetable garden or simply extended green space where you sit and have a sip of tea or coffee

Believe it or not, a quality lawn mower saves you at least 4 – 5 hours of manual labor per month. I am speaking of the bare minimum. Most people have complaints of spending hours in the garden while others sit back and watch television. With this simple addition to your arsenal, you can have a great time while cleaning the front of your house too. Like the most tools on my list, the lawn mower can be cheap if you want it to be. You can easily find one fitting your budget, your needs and all the tiny requirements that you may have.

Must have garage tools

A set of Garage Tools

A wise man once said, “There is a child in all of us”. Sometimes that child decides to come out. Often the child inside you tinkers with the things that lie around the house. Be it a mechanical part, wood-made furniture or some other type of equipment, the tinkering hardly stops. For these “Tinkering People”, a set of garage tools may prove useful. You can know more about garage tool from sockettoolstore.com.

My set of garage tools includes a portable grinder, a helmet, a hammer and a few wood cutting equipment, a garage vacuum that comes handy in my DIY projects once in a while. All these tools have different sizes and specifications. I’d advise you to check on valid sources before you decide to purchase these things. Look for reviews of users and ratings of the tools on the online marketplaces. Always check and double check the data before you hit the “Purchase” button.

Final thoughts

Besides writing about Vacuum Cleaner Reviews, I occasionally come across these strange but important ideas that can literally change your house into a “Home for People” for the better. This was one of such posts. Not to mention I own a few of these things. This article is designed to help you modernize your house. These tools also will help you cut down on your extra stress of manual work.

That being said, I am not the only one with such ideas about modern household machines. It is only natural that I’ve missed out on some interesting devices that can save you the manual hustle of working long hours on the house and personal maintenance. So, what did I miss? Do you have an excellent tool you want to add to this list? Please, please, please let me know in the comments. I’ll happily expand my list even further. Thank you for reading this rather long post.

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