How to Vacuum Hardwood Floors

Let’s face it and let’s be honest with each other here. We all want something unique in our home and recently the trend has been to stand out with different floor materials in your home. One of the coolest ones that have been exciting many people is the hardwood floor. They look amazing, they are great to excite your neighbors and they are costly too.

With great floor comes great responsibility and therefore, you have to make sure that you clean your hardwood floor properly. This article is all about that as this is going to provide you with tips on how to vacuum hardwood floors.

How to Vacuum Hardwood Floor

How to Vacuum Hardwood Floor

‘How to vacuum hardwood floors’ is not an easy question to answer and therefore, let’s not get into that question. Instead, we will try to offer you some valuable tips on how to vacuum hardwood floors that you can use in your own house and test the results. If you can apply these tips perfectly, your floors won’t be dirty anymore.

Tips on How to Vacuum Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors tend to attract a lot of dust especially at the corner areas of your room. Whenever you are cleaning the room, you have to make sure that you are cleaning the corners first and then coming towards the middle. This is a common approach that most people ignore and therefore, they do not come up with the necessary results. If you start from the middle, the dust will go around and take place at corners which cannot happen if you start from the corners. Therefore, make sure to apply this trick.

As the floors are made of hardwood and wood have an old relation with dust, it is tough to keep the floor clean if you allow dusty objects inside the room. How about not letting dirty shoes inside this room? You can introduce a shoe hanger right at the entrance of your room so that everyone can place their shoes on that hanger. This will magically reduce the dust percentage of your room.

The third tip is to vacuum regularly. We know that we do not need to vacuum our houses every now and then. They are clean in general and we just need to polish that cleanliness but in the case of hardwood floors, we have to make sure that it’s the other way around. The hardwood floors need cleaning regularly and it is best if you can clean your floor at least once every three days. This will reduce the workload in the long run as there will be less dust and it will keep your hardwood floor shiny.

The last tip is using wet mopping at times along with dry dusting. Wet mopping helps the dusts to stay away from the hardwood floor. So that when you try with your vacuum cleaner to clean the hardwood floor, the dust does not fly around. Do a wet mopping one day before you use your vacuum cleaner. You will see amazing results.

Final Words

In this whole article, we have tried to give you the best idea about how to vacuum hardwood floor and also you can read our article, “best vacuums for hardwood floors“. If you consider buying a Roomba, be sure to check out the article “Best Roomba for Hardwood floors“. Make your decision after reading the reviews.

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