How to clean a shop vac

Unquestionably, a quality shop vacuum can pick up the vast quantity of dust at a time and gift us a tip-top place! On the other hand, it also becomes dirty as it has to deal with the mess.

How to clean a shop vac? It’s a bigger device than any other regular vacuum cleaner. Cleaning shop vac is not critical, but it becomes dirty. It doesn’t mean you skip to clean it. Please don’t think like that!

Cleaning of the shop vac is essential; otherwise, it grows bacteria and airborne disease which is the threat for you and your beloved one! Else it will destroy if left too long in the wrong position! as a result; you have to buy a new one which is costly.

If you want to stay away from this problem you have to clean shop vac. There is no schedule to clean up a shop vacuum. It depends how heavily you use your shop vac.

Here are the best strategies to clean a shop vacuum with step by step.

  1. Clean the Tank

First, start up with the clean out of the tank of your shop vac. Lift it from the vacuum cleaner. Then remove the trash bag from the container which is full of dust and debris. Throw it away. Don’t allow any dust particles escape.

Once the vacuum is empty, then fill up the tank with a solution of warm water and a cup of bleach. Allow it for at least 30 minutes to an hour to settle. During settle time you can clean another part of the vacuum cleaner.

Dump out the water after the container has soaked. Wear gloves to protect your hand from the bleach solution; take a sponge or a rug and scrub the tank. Scrub appropriately into the inside and outside of the tank.

When you finished the scrubbing wash it thoroughly with soapy or fresh water. Later, gives the tank time to rest out unto it is completely dry out.

  1. Hose and Attachments

Discharge hose and all attachment. Rinse it with clean water in outside or inside through the using either a garden or your bathtub faucet.

Spray disinfectant or cleaning product to kill bacteria into it. Once again, wash hose and attachments thoroughly with water. Let it outside to dry in the wind.

You can moisten other attachments in a bucket which filled with warm soapy water.

  1. Filter

As you know, The most significant parts of the vacuum cleaner is a filter. Before you drug into the cleaning, you have to know when should you clean your shop vacuum filter.

  • When should you clean the filter?

Filters get clogged when fine particles or dust are sucking up. On the other hand, larger debris doesn’t have prone to clog up filters. After vacuuming take it and tape it lightly to downfall the dust.

Check it after every using and make sure there are no dust particle or any caked formed with debris. So when you are seeing that your suction of vacuum is running well, you don’t need to wash it, merely check it out.

For monitoring it, you don’t have to be an expert; you only have to give a concentration.

However, if you notice that your filter gets clogged air can push dust from the exhaust in a cloud; it’s time for cleaning your filter or replace it.


  • Steps on how to clean filter

Separate the filter from the vacuum for clean up. Shake it lightly to escape the dust and outside is better to do it. Otherwise, your home gets dirty with the releasing dust from the filter.

If you want, you can use a toothpick or a dowel to rack out the notch.

Then rinse with fresh water to eliminate the dust particle from it. Don’t use the scrubber and soapy water to clean the filter that will ruin it. Let it wholly dry before you restore it. To completely dry out, most of the type of filter requires 24 hours.

We have a different post on vacuum cleaner filter and How to clean it.

Check out this short video about How to clean your shop vac filter

  1. Reassemble

After all the parts have been thoroughly dried and cleaned; join them back together correctly. If you don’t know how to reassemble a shop vacuum, then take help from the manual to learn it.

Final verdict

One thing I must say, “Don’t afraid to clean it! And I wish after reading out this article your mind would be turned into that it’s not a tough job; it’s like a chore of the household!

Clean your shop vacuum in routinely to ensure a healthy life! And expand its lifespan with proper suction power.

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