Top 10 House Cleaning Tips

A clean house is the secret of a healthy, fit and better life.  A clean house is the basic of comfort and health. But it ‘s hard to keep the house clean and tidy all the time, and it is time-consuming also. In our busy and fast life, it is hard to maintain and manage the house and keep it clean. Some useful, necessary and natural house cleaning tips are given here for you.

Anyone can start a House cleaning business by following these tips.

house cleaning tips

Effective tips for house cleaning

  1. The easiest way to clean a microwave oven:

It’s hazardous to clean a microwave because it dirt is sticky and difficult to remove. The easiest way to clean a microwave is to put a bowl of water with some pieces of lemon or lime and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to warm. After that with the help of a soft cloth or sponge wash the oven evenly.

  1. Cleaning through Vacuum cleaner:

Sweeping is the basic fundamental of cleaning house. Vacuum cleaner or dust buster helps to drive all the dust, and the result of it is perfect that seeped by hand. There is a various vacuum cleaner in the market which cleans the dust and dirt more evenly. Dry or wet both types of soil could be cleaned by it. It is a high Gazette which helps to save them who has the dust allergy.

  1. Manage cloths:

Fabric management is one of the most important things to keep the house clean and tidy. If the clothes are scattered here and there, then the house seems messy and untidy. Maintain the cloth evenly in the cabinet and make sure that no fabric is fallen outside. Use a covered basket for keeping the dirty cloth and keep the clean cloth inside.

  1. Way to clean the mirror:

 The mirror is the thing which shows the reality, how do you look? The mirror is an essential part. So, it needs to be clean up properly. A mirror cam is cleaned by a very easy way. First, wipe the mirror with a soft wet cloth then rub the mirror with a bright piece of paper. This way one can clean the mirror in the easiest way.

  1. Cleaning up artificial flowers:

To clean dust from artificial flowers, you need a paper bag along with salt. Put the artificial flower in the paper bag and take some salt in it, then shake the bag evenly and accurately. By this way, you can get the clean artificial flower.

  1. Comfortable and enjoyable way to remove cobweb:

Need a helium balloon. Drag a helium balloon around the cobweb. The balloon will clean up them very quickly with fun.

  1. Clean a Coffee Grinder:

A messy coffee grinder is not so easy to clean up. Need some rice.  Grind some rice in it and the coffee grinder is clear.

  1. Comfortable and right way to remove rust stain from sinks:

All-purpose cleaners won’t remove rust stains from sinks.Even with a lot of elbow grease. Diluted hydrochloric acid is very useful for sink cleaning.

  1. Right, brush for toilet cleaning:

    The toilet is the vital part of the house. Always try to clean the bathroom. But the proper brush is imperative for toilet cleaning.  The stiff nylon-bristled brush is very helpful for toilet cleaning.

  2. Remove cloth Wrinkles:

    By using ice fabric wrinkles can remove only 1 minutes.

Let’s check out this Infographic

cleaning tips

Final Word

Cleaning of the house is critical but monotonous and challenging task. Sometimes it takes plenty of time and huge money. But cleaning up household in a tricky way, it becomes fun and easy to clean up the house.

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