11 Tips to Keep Hardwood Floor Clean All the Time

What a beautiful home you have made! The floor sparkles! So, neat and clean! How are you maintaining this?

You can’t but be overwhelmed with such applause of your floor.

Here, with this article, I am providing you with 11 tips to keep your floor clean and sparkling. But before we delve into that discussion, here is what you should know;

Wood Floor Cleaning is Different from Other Types of Floor Cleaning

A hardwood floor is made of wood and a wax-polish over it. Other floors are made of ceramic tiles or mosaic. The water and the chemical solutions for floor cleaning affect differently on wood floors and tiles floor. Water damps wood floor but it has no such effect on tiles floor. Likewise, chemical solutions may damage a wood floor but don’t the tiles floor.

Now, obviously, you have to follow a different method to clean your hardwood floor than those for other types of floor.

11 Tips to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Clean All the Time

  1. Use a bagless vacuum cleaner

A bagless vacuum cleaner is an effective assistant for keeping your hardwood floor clean. As it keeps the dust and dirt inside a bag, chances are very low to spill out the dust and dirt on the floor. Buying a bagless vacuum is a wise investment for the cleanliness drive for your hardwood floor.

  1. Use a damp mop, not a wet mop

Water is harmful to a wood floor. If water stands on the floor, it harms badly. Before applying a mop, squeeze and wring out the excess water from it. You have to start mopping the floor once the mop becomes just damp. If you clean with a wet mop, water will stay on the floor and damp it.

  1. Dry your floor after cleaning

As soon as you complete the mop cleaning, start the cooling system at your home so that the floor dries quickly. So, the floor does become damp. In the areas of split AC, you can open the window for short time, so that it dries.

  1. Use flip-flops in Washroom

Use a flip-flop inside the washroom. After using keep it there. Much of the time washrooms remain wet. When you use the washroom without flip-flop, your feet get wet unconsciously. Once you get out from there some water remains under your feet and it goes into the floor. Even if, you dab your feet on the doormat, some water still stays under feet, and it goes into the floor and damps it.

  1. Keep your washrooms dry

Keeping you washrooms dry, you can help yourself to give your hardwood floor a dry look all the time. Very often you or your family members use it and from your feet water, may come into the floor. So, if you keep them dry, chances are very low for the floor to become wet.

After heavily using the washrooms, like bathing or washing clothes, you can thoroughly push away all the water from there. It will help you a lot to keep them dry. As a result, chances of coming water from washrooms into floor become low.

  1. Put mats at every entry-points

Keeping mats at all the entry points to the floor helps you a lot in maintaining the cleanliness of your hardwood floor. Practically, most of the dirt and grime comes into the floor from the feet people. Dirt and dust come with the feet when family members or others enter the house from outside. Likewise, those nuances come into the floor from the balconies or veranda.

For the entry point from washrooms, you need to think a little scientifically. As those points easily come in contact with water you have to keep water-absorbent mats there. The mats will quickly absorb the water coming with the feet of people.

If you can keep mats at those points of the floor, dust and dirt will stay away from there. So, your floor will become less dirty and grimy and need less frequent cleaning.

  1. Make an arrangement for putting shoes outside

For keeping hardwood floor neat and clean, you have to be very determined about it. Most of the dirt comes from the shoes of people. By reducing the chances of coming of dirt and dust into the floor from the shoes, you can do a big part of your intention of cleanliness. As a part of that drive, you can attach a notice to the entry door with a note “Put off your shoes, please”.

However, such initiative works, once you and your family members practice it.

  1. Sweep dirt before cleaning

Actually, the floor becomes dirty and grimy when water or any liquid gets mixed up. When you can reduce such possibilities of mixing up, you have done much of your cleanliness endeavor. Before cleaning with water or a solution, first collect the dust, dirt, and debris floating on the floor. Then, when you clean your floor with the mop, there might be a very small amount of dirt and cleaning will be perfect.

It is a pre-cleaning work before deep cleaning.

  1. Pick the right solution or customize a solution for your floor

All the cleaning solutions available in the market may not suit your floor. Pick the solution that goes easy with the finish of your hardwood floor and does not damage it. The solution will properly clean it, at the same won’t put a permanent scratch on it or discolor it. If needed, you can customize the solution considering the finish of your wood floor.

You can prepare a solution – boil weak black tea, cool down it, mix it with water and then use to clean the floor. However, before applying any solution, be it ready-made or customized, test in a little area of your floor, if it proves well, then use it for the whole floor.

  1. Attach rubber-washers to the bottom of furniture legs

When you clean the floor, you have to move the furniture, otherwise, dirt, dust, and grime will stay around the contact places between the floor and furniture. To make the cleaning and moving the furniture easier, you can put rubber-washer to the bottom of your furniture legs like the legs of your dining table and its chair set. It also helps to avoid scratch on the floor.

  1. Be careful while selecting toys for your babies

While buying toys or toy cars for your kids, you have to avoid selecting any heavy metal toys. A long time plying of such toys in the wood floor may put a scratch on it or discolor it. Am I right?


To wrap things up, these are the 11 steps to keep your hardwood floor clean and shiny. If you have any other tricks in your mind, let us know in the comments section below.

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