11 Benefits Of Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners are smaller versions of traditional vacuum cleaners. Though small in size, they offer various features and advantages. This is why it is one of the most widely used appliances today. In fact, it is only after buying and using one that you realize how useful, and worthy an investment it is! The following benefits will make you start looking for the best handheld vacuum

1. Kids-friendly

Portable vacuum cleaners are so light and user-friendly that even kids and smart older adults can use it! They are perfect for cleaning small messes made by kids instead of using conventional vacuum cleaners. With portable vacuums, your kids will finally find chores fun!

2. Portability

Cordless vacuum cleaners are lightweight at less than five pounds. With its sleek designed body, it can conveniently reach each inch of your house. This includes corners and furniture. Cleaning is so much easier using hand vacuums than hauling big conventional units around. They are also useful outdoors for cleaning your car or garage.

3. Knight in armor

Cordless vacuum cleaners can also be used to find small lost things. Things that slip and fall in between sofa cushions, beds or under furniture. If you can’t reach the spot, your handheld vacuum usually can. They have lots of attachments including a pantyhose’ feature. With this feature, the fallen object is sucked up but doesn’t reach its dustbin.

4. Variable features

Hand-held vacuums offer various power and cleaning options. Examples of cleaning options are dry/wet messes, cushions, and carpets and picking up dog’s hair. Some also have an auto power cut’ feature. This feature automatically disconnects the power once the unit is fully charged. It thus helps save energy and reduces your monthly power bill.

5. Affordably priced

Despite offering so many features and benefits, Dustbusters are reasonably priced to fit most budgets. They are about a fraction of a traditional vacuum cleaner’s cost, about $50 or less. And you can get additional features and attachments by spending a bit more money.

6. Provides for easy storage

Hand-held vacuum cleaners are small in size and convenient to use and store. They are easily stored in corners, shelves or kitchen cabinets. Some people even carry a unit in their car. It proves helpful for cleaning up any messes created in the car!

7. No hassle of cords

Portable vacuum cleaners are cordless, so there’s no hauling of cords around the house while cleaning. There is also no worry about the wire falling out of the outlet while cleaning.

8. Quick cleaning of small messes

Cleaning small messes with a conventional vacuum cleaner is tedious. You have to lug and carry it to the mess and attach the right attachment. You next plug the cord and switch it on to clean the small mess. However, in case of handheld versions, you just get the dustbuster, switch it on and start cleaning!

9. Cleans cars

It can get difficult lugging a large traditional vacuum cleaner to clean your car. However, a cordless unit is the perfect tool. It easily cleans your car’s upholstery and reaches into crevices big vacuums can’t reach.

10. Perfect for cleaning stairs

Cleaning stairs is no longer a hassle with a cordless vacuum. They are lightweight, cordless and easy to carry. These handheld stair cleaners can clean stairs conveniently.

11. Versatile device with many accessories

Dustbuster vacuum cleaners are multi-purpose in function with their many accessories and attachments. Their crevice devices are narrow enough to clean blinds, in between seats and couch cushions and any small spaces in between walls and furniture. Its brush tool and telescopic handle help dust blinds, baseboards and cobwebs. There are many more attachments to use for cleaning stairs, couches, and even ceiling fans.


While hand-held vacuum cleaners may not prove useful for cleaning large areas, it’s useful for cleaning up small messes. It is a tiny appliance worth investing in for its many benefits and features.

Handheld cleaners are cordless, portable, lightweight, and user-friendly, affordably priced and have numerous attachments and accessories. With so many features and benefits, this IS something everyone should have!

Selecting the handheld vacuum amidst so many brands and models may be difficult. If this is the case, just read some dustbuster reviews to find out more about the different models.

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