Handheld Vacuum For Car – 6 Best Picks

Handheld vacuum for car is a tricky choice. It needs to be lightweight, portable, easy to store and have a decent amount of suction. If you don’t do your research you can end up with one of those attributes being fulfilled, but the others will be lacking.

You will find, from our list below, some great options for you to use when thinking about vacuuming your car. We will be thinking about reliability, the strength of suction, size, and maneuverability.

If you are just thinking about doing a monthly service vacuum of your car or a daily 5minutes after transporting your kids to kindergarten/school, you will need a great handheld car vacuum.

Not all car vacuums are created equal. Yet, some people make the mistake of buying a cheap vacuum for their car. People seem to think that they will not use it as much as a household vacuum so they don’t need to invest in it. This can be a big mistake. You need to have a decent vacuuming unit in order to tackle the many problems that car vacuuming can throw at you.

One of the main problems of car vacuuming are the narrow spaces, so finding a unit that is easy to use and fits into the little nooks and crannies of your car is essential. So let us suggest to you some of the best handheld car vacuuming units we have come across below.

Just Tell Me Which One To Buy?!

If you have an extremely dirty car and just want to get on with buying a handheld vacuum for your car, then we have provided a quick list for you below. You can have peace of mind that whatever vacuum you choose below, it will do the job you need.

1. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Bissell Pet Hair EraserDon’t let the name put you off, The Bissell is a great handheld vacuum for your car. Its expertise is with pet hair, but pet hair is one of the hardest things to vacuum. So, if it can suck up pet hair you can bet it will suck up anything you have to throw at it inside your car.

The Bissell has a motorized brush tool that gets right into the anything that might be fighting to stay on your car upholstery. This is not the only accessory it offers. This vacuum also has an upholstery tool and a ‘crevice’ tool for getting into those tight spaces.

The 0.7 liter capacity for collecting all of the dirt is a generous size for this type of car vacuum cleaner. Not only does it hold a good amount of dirt it is easy to remove, empty and clean. This makes your life so much easier as with some units it can be a messy affair having to discard of the dirt in your vacuum cleaner.

The unit is cordless and boasts a 14v lithium-ion battery to keep you vacuuming your car for generous amounts of time before you need to recharge. Just remember to keep an eye on the amount of battery you have left. Make sure you are recharging frequently to not get caught short when you really need it. Some feedback we have had is that people expected a longer time between charges, but for us, it lasted well between charges.

Last but not least, it has a triple level filtration unit which increases the strength of suction to make sure that nothing is left behind when vacuuming inside your car. We found that the filter is easily cleaned. However, when it gets old you do need to replace the whole filter unit as at the time of writing, you can’t just get the paper filters on their own.

One area it might get marked down for is maneuverability within tight spaces in your car. It is a bit longer than other units we have tested, which means some areas can be tricky to get into. But these instances were rare and we manage to reach all of the problem places in the car effectively.

All in all, it is a great unit and covers pretty much all of the angles you need for a decent car vacuum.

  • 0.7-litre capacity
  • A triple level filtration system
  • Strong suction
  • Not the smallest
  • Some people are not satisfied with battery length.
  • Not the prettiest unit (if you are worried about that sort of thing?)

2. HoLife Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

HoLife Cordless Vacuum CleanerThe HoLife is one of those handheld car vacuum cleaners that would not be out of place in many environments. It is extremely durable and can last for long periods on a single charge.

It is a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner with a 2200 mAh battery that should keep you going for around 30-40minutes of continuous suction. This compares favorably with most rechargeable handheld car vacuum cleaners. It also has fast charging capabilities which means you can be back up and running within 45 minutes.

It has a strong 6Kpa of suction. Obviously, it’s more than capable of lifting some of the most problem debris you will find in your car. The dual filtration system helps with the strength of suction and is also washable, so you will not have to replace it (Unless you break it!). This is a great feature. If you keep it clean then it can last forever and no need to invest in expensive replacement filters.

The HoLife also comes with a crevice tool to help you with those harder to reach places in your car. With another two brush attachments, it should keep you covered for any eventuality when vacuuming your car.

The design of the unit is also quite nice, which has nothing to do with function. That said, some people will care enough about looks to appreciate it.

One downside is that a few people have reported that you need to know how to use it properly because if it isn’t positioned properly then the suction ability gets weaker. We only noticed this slightly but no more so than any other handheld vacuum cleaner. Usually, common sense will prevail and you just need to keep the unit flush with the area you want to vacuum and everything will be fine.

  • Durable
  • Washable Filter
  • Strong Suction
  • Suction can go down if the nozzle is not placed properly.

3. HoLife Hand Vacuum

HoLife Hand VacuumThis HoLife handheld car Vacuum is an updated model of the previous version above. We decided to include it because it has a few subtle differences that it improves on. But they are both some of the best handheld car vacuums we have ever used.

The filtration system has had a bit of an update with its multi-layered approach. We did come across some feedback from users mentioning that the power of suction is not so great. Yet, these seem to be from faulty units rather than an issue with the model itself. We found the unit to be strong in suction and easy to use. If we are honest, we couldn’t tell much of a difference between the dual filtration system in the previous version. In each case, they are both very good and easy to clean.

This version of the HoLife handheld vacuum seems to be a bit more versatile in that it can tackle some light spillage of drinks etc. This is always handy especially if you have kids and the car stops abruptly while the kids are drinking.

Other than this, it has the same positives as the HoLife mentioned above. The design is a bit more understated with black coloring but still looks sleek and well designed.

  • Can tackle some water spillage
  • Versatile
  • Good Suction
  • Not enough of an upgrade on the previous system (But the previous system was also great)

4. Sharp WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum

Sharp WANDVAC Handheld VacuumNow, the thing that really stands out with the WANDVAC when looking at a handheld vacuum for your car, is the design. It has a unique build that is very slim which really helps with maneuverability. It is perfect for storing in your car and getting in and around your car to pick up any debris.

Going along with the slim design is that it is extremely lightweight. This also adds to the ease of use of the unit as a whole. It really is one of the best units on this list for getting in and around every surface in your car.

This vacuum has a decent suction, more than enough for all of the surfaces you will come across in your car. It could be stronger, but it really doesn’t need to be in our opinion. It managed to pick up everything we threw at it, but we may have had to run the unit over the surface an extra time to do so.

Another plus point is that it is very easy to empty and remove the dust tray. Some units can be troublesome in this area, so to have one that you can just press and empty and reattach easily is very welcome.

All in all, the WANDVAC is a great little handheld car vacuuming unit that is a breeze to use and maneuver.

  • Slim design
  • Emptying dirt is easy
  • Suction could be better (But it is fine for in-car use)

5. Onson Hand Vacuum

Onson Hand VacuumThe Onson makes our list of best handheld car vacuums based heavily on its suction power. It comes in at 100w and 7kpa. So basically you can vacuum your car and then happily go around your house and do some general vacuuming as well (To a certain extent).

Another string to its bow is that it is extremely quiet. So if you want to do some car vacuuming in the middle of the night then go right ahead, the neighbors won’t mind. In general, having a quiet vacuuming unit is a great asset. Nobody wants to be deafened while vacuuming, especially in the small confines of your car.

The Onson can also pick up some spills here and there. To have this versatility is great when driving around, especially for longer trips with children or a clumsy partner. Being able to pick up more than dust is always going to be a plus point, covering all angles of vacuuming.

Being a powerful unit has its drawbacks though. The Onson can be marked down due to its battery life, only offering around 20minutes of continuous vacuuming. We did find however that if you don’t store it in your car and charge after every use, then it isn’t really a big problem.

If you need great suction then the Onson is the car vacuum you need. It is strong and powerful and fills all the needs of a great car vacuum.

  • Great Suction
  • Quiet
  • Battery length could be longer (20mins)
  • Smaller dust collection capacity

6. Novete Handheld Vacuum

Novete Handheld VacuumThe Novette seems to tick all of the boxes when it comes to finding the best handheld vacuum for your car. The suction power is right up there with the Onson at 100w and 7kpa. So it will pretty much pick up anything you throw at it.

It is one of the lighter units we have tested, which is a really important factor when choosing a handheld car vacuum. Usually when the size and weight are smaller, then the capacity is smaller. However, this vacuum has a 0.6litre capacity, which is very good.

The Novete also works on liquids and picks up any of those small spillages while out driving. It can’t be stressed enough, but car travel can throw a lot of things at you and you need to have versatility with your car vacuum cleaner.

It is also a very quiet unit which is becoming more and more of a requirement for many people choosing a car vacuum these days. The quieter the better in our experience, especially when vacuuming.

So, the Novette seems to be a great allrounder, its battery life can be a bit shorter than advertised, but it is still a very good unit that matches up with the best handheld car vacuums we have seen.

  • Strong Suction
  • Works on Spillages
  • Decent capacity to hold dirt
  • Battery time can be a bit less than advertised.

Things To Consider When Buying A Handheld Vacuum For Your Car

handheld vacuum for car - what to consider

Capacity For Storing Dirt/Dust

You will probably be keeping your car vacuum in your car for lengths of time and will not be able to empty it frequently. So it is important that you get a few uses out of it before you need to empty it. So it is a fine balancing act to find a vacuuming unit that is small enough to store in your car but can also hold a decent amount of dirt.

With Or Without A Cord?

I think everybody prefers a cordless product if they can get it. Maneuverability is enhanced when you can freely go about your vehicle without worrying about a cord being snagged. But cordless units can be a bit more expensive and you also have to remember to charge them up. There is nothing worse than a child spilling the contents of their potato chips on the car floor and then trying to use the vacuum and it not being charged up!

Power Of Suction And Filter

If you are going to invest in a handheld vacuum for your car, then its main function will be sucking up dirt. If it does not do this job sufficiently then there is no point buying it. On the other hand, you don’t usually need to have the strength of a household vacuum cleaner in your car. But, there may be no need to buy a handheld car vacuum cleaner with huge suction power if all your doing is vacuuming up small crumbs on a regular basis.

The better the filter that the car vacuum has, then the stronger the suction. So it is important to also take note of what filter it has and what it offers you on each car vacuuming unit.

Weight And Size Of Vacuuming Unit

Weight usually correlates with the size of the vacuuming unit. Your car vacuum needs to be stored nicely within your car to not get in the way and to be easily accessible. It also needs to be moved with ease and to be able to get into those tight spaces under and in between the car seats and other difficult areas.


The main car vacuuming unit is the basis of what you need to get up and running. But, sometimes it is good to know what accessories your handheld car vacuum comes with, or what extras you can buy with it. You can get different attachments that make your life easier when reaching tighter spaces, or getting replacement batteries, etc.

What handheld car vacuum would we choose?

There you have it. These 6 handheld car vacuum cleaners are the best of the best and you wouldn’t go far wrong choosing any of these vacuuming units. They all have more than adequate suction. Some are a bit more lightweight and portable than others. And some pickup liquids, where some don’t.

It is up to you to decide on what areas are most important to you? but we would narrowly suggest the Novete as it is just a great all-around unit. It is powerful, quiet, picks up spillages and has a decent capacity for holding dirt. It covers all of the bases when thinking about what the ultimate handheld car vacuum needs to have.

Also, because the differences are usually so subtle, some people will have their own requirements for what they want out of their handheld car vacuum. Some would prefer it to be slimmer and much more maneuverable, like the WANDVAC, so they would go for that. But some people would prefer it to look good, much more like the HoLife handheld vacuum cleaners.

We hope to have narrowed the choice down for you. Good luck with the purchase of whatever handheld car vacuum that you need.

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