How to Get Rid of Unwanted Vacuum Cleaner Odors

Vacuum cleaners. The tool that you use to clean your house needs to be cleaned too. At least once in a while. If you want to make sure that your vacuum stays in working condition, you need to clean them.

It’s an important job and keeping them dirty will only damage its suction capacity. Also, let’s not forget the foul odor that will build up inside.

Of course, the vacuum cleaner is a clean master! It keeps your home odor free! But it should be maintained too for better service.

Once you notice the foul smell coming from your vacuum, it’s time to give it a thorough clean. I’ll assume that’s the very reason why you are reading this article in the first place.

Why bother vacuuming with a dirty vacuum? Read the rest of this article and find the easiest ways of cleaning them. That will help you to get rid of unwanted vacuum cleaner odors!

#1. Replace the Bag

The main reason of odor is the smelly bag. First, you should replace the bag regularly. Trust me, this is the best solution to get rid of bad odors! Try to buy the best and original bag for the machine. Otherwise,  you will fail to find the prevention!

Go with the bag which has extra filtration layer! The bags are much better than the simple paper bag. The layers on these bags can reduce foul odors!  

If you own a bagless vacuum then you should remove all dirt from the bin, wash it with mild detergent. Remember one thing! It should be fully dried before replacing it. As we know, wetness leads to unpleasant odor!

#2. Check for Blockages

Well! You have replaced the bag or removed the dust. But still, the bag has the nasty odor! Then you need to dig a little bit deeper! Probably, the intake valve could be clogged with pet hair.

You should remove the clogged hair carefully! And make sure the blockage free dust flow through the container.

Definitely, for the complex model its better you check the user manual to take apart. Or else,  you may end up damaging your new vacuum!

#3. Clean the Vacuum Thoroughly

You have picked out the blockage from your vacuum. Nevertheless, you still find the foul smell! If that’s the fact, this step is definitely for you!

For this step, you will need a cleaning solution. Make the solution with baking soda and water.  Apply the solution to wash your vacuums hose, filters, and bag compartments. Then rinse them with clean water. After rinsing, wipe them with a clean cloth and let them dry properly.  Lastly, reassemble the vacuum.

#4. Replace the Filter

Filters are one of the major compartment of the vacuum cleaner. These are responsible for keeping off dirt. And also prevent dirt from getting into vacuum chamber!

After years of use, it will less likely work the way it used to do. Yeah, it depends on the frequency of use and workability has decreased! Eventually, the bad smell is starting to emit! In that case, you need to change and buy a new one!

Frankly speaking, don’t be cheap on filters. As they are health guard for you and your loving ones, so you should be choosy when you buy a filter.                              

#5. Use Incorporate Perfume Pads

Incorporate perfume pads are the smart way to remove the nasty odor! These pads come with scented tablets which can reduce the bad odor.

These tablets can release an aroma during vacuuming! Once, you place the pads on the top of the filter. Then start your vacuuming, it will disperse fresh fragrance in your house!

There are many types of fragrance. Personally, I like the lavender or fresh blue ocean fragrance! However, pick the one fragrance which you and your family prefer most!

 #6. Use Cinnamon or Orange Peel

It’s fully an organic way to say goodbye to bad odors! And of course, if you don’t want to use perfume pads, then this step is essential for you!

Cinnamon and orange peel can absorb bad odor quickly! And release a fresh fragrance! For applying it, sprinkle some cinnamon or orange peel into your vacuum. Also, you can sprinkle these directly on the floor. And after doing that, start your vacuum cleaning!

These ingredients will emit a lovely fresh aroma both your vacuum and home! So you can take a deep fresh breath! Also, you can save your money!

#7. Use Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract yet another organic method to get rid of unwanted odor! It has anti-deodorant property. If you don’t like the fragrance of cinnamon or orange, you can try it.

Sprinkle some vanilla extract onto a paper towel and vacuum it up. It makes sure that the vacuum inhales the vanilla extract leading a nice fragrance!

Vanilla extract spray as an alternative. You can use it on the floor or inside of the vacuum cleaner.


If your vacuum turns too hot to release the odor, it may cause faulty electrical cord. So, stop using and call an electrician. Don’t try to do anything yourself!

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Final Verdict

Lastly, I would say, these steps are truly effective for removing vacuum odor! Once you have applied these, you can realize the fact!

Don’t forget to maintain your vacuum; they keep a healthy environment in your house!

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