Corded VS Cordless Vacuum – What’s the difference

A variety of vacuum cleaner brings the revolution into the cleaning sector. As a result, you can see there are different types of vacuum cleaner available on the market.

There are lots of differentiation according to the different features of vacuum cleaners. Like Corded VS Cordless, Upright VS Canister, Manual VS Robotic and so on. But today we will discuss corded and cordless type vacuum cleaner.  That can enough to make you confused, which one is best for you. Or which one is indeed you are looking?

One of the best idea to get away from the sense of dilemma is to start by learning the very basics. Otherwise, you will fail to find your desired vacuum cleaner!

I believe that the option which may be best for you, may not be the best option for a friend and vice versa.

However, Corded and cordless both have individual aspect. Both have the cons too. So, when you know about them, there wouldn’t be any dilemma for you.

After reading out the article, I hope you will get an idea about the difference between Corded and Cordless vacuum cleaner.

Corded VS Cordless Hand Vacuum – Different Features

If you think to purchase a new corded or cordless hand vacuum cleaner or you are the novice in buying it, then definitely you should keep in mind that which one works best for you and your household on a particular basis.

We figure out the most related factors that will determine your decision below.

  1. Suction Power

While it comes to choose a vacuum cleaner, then you must know the suction power of the corded and cordless hand vacuum.

Higher suction power can shift to a greater cleansing, and connect it with the correct type of head or attachment; it would be even better.

  • Corded

The suction power of the corded is constant that is reliable and powerful. You really don’t need to worry about it.

Its powerful suction gives you effective cleaning so that you can deal with heavy metal. Also, the power remains same while you cleaning that can permit you to blow throughout the day.

The power will not decrease if any clog won’t occur into the device.

But there is a chance of a problem that is blackout or power problems while the device is using. So make sure about the safety of electricity before you use the corded vacuum cleaner.

Nevertheless, it depends on your personal requirements and situations that concludes which route you wish to go!

  • Cordless

Honestly, it has less suction power in comparison to the corded one! It comes with the battery and has to be charged which makes it less potent.

It doesn’t have constant power just because of their charging feature. While cleaning with it, gradually the suction power is reducing as well as decreasing of the battery charge.

  1. Transport ability

We know, big things are always tough to move. It’s a vital issue in the case of the vacuum cleaning as you have to move them during cleaning.

Simple transportation is the one reason which makes people incline toward the handheld vacuum.

  • Corded

Since corded one is heavy, it’s quite hassling to transfer from one place to another.

Even you have to find a close-by main socket that can’t give you the frequency of moving to clean any remote place.

Luckily, standard corded vacuum cleaners always come with an extra long cord that approximately 16-25 feet. If you think the length is enough to cover your home, then you can have it.

  • Cordless

Well, the cordless vacuum is absolutely lightweight which makes it more convenient to use. That’s why you can take it for any time to clean anyplace.

Not only the inside of your home but also the outside such as loft, car or your office. Before you use it, ensure it has charged fully.

  1. Dust capacity

Dust capacity assures you how much you can clean at a time. So if you have to clean big trash, then corded one is good for you.

On the Other hand, if you don’t need to deal with any big trash or your house is small then cordless is better.

  • Corded

Generally, the corded vacuum cleaner has a larger capacity to hold dust particle. You don’t need to regular maintenance as it wouldn’t fill up after one or two times of use.

For the heavy task, you can rely on the corded one since they can manage bigger trash. Even you can clean your garden, fireplace or more.

  • Cordless

This one is not for heavy duty as it comes with the small capacity. Also, the less suction power can’t permit it to deal heavy mass.

However, if you want to clean your regular chore like your sofa, carpet, kitchen, and car, you can go with it.

Also, it needs to wash after every use as it has a small container. Additionally, after every cleaning dust should be disposable as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could be clogged with dust particle.

  1. Charge and run-time

  • Corded

One of the advantages of corded vacuum is you don’t need to charge it. That’s why you can use it all day long with the help of electricity.

  • Cordless

If you think about cordless one, then you have to know the charging duration as it comes with the battery. The less duration charge means you can do the limited task within fix time.

Most of the cordless can perform about 20-40 minutes, and some have interchangeable batteries allow you to pick the dust for 60 minutes.

The good idea is to pick a model that contains a high voltage Lithium Ion battery as they can retain the charge more than their embodiment’s, which implies it can permit a more extended and steadier suction power execution.

  1. Lifespan

  • Corded

One of the great features of the corded vacuum is its long lifespan. Most of the corded vacuum cleaner has a 2-3 year warranty.

A high-quality vacuum cleaner lasts at least five years. If you maintain it in a good manner and with proper instruction, then it would be last more than five years.

  • Cordless

It has a shorter life then corded vacuum. As you already know, it comes with the battery, so their lifespan almost depends on the battery.

Remember, before you buy, make sure it has the change option of battery with a new one.

  1. Storage

  • Corded

You need a specific and ample space to store the corded vacuum cleaner because of their large size.

  • Cordless

On the other hand, cordless don’t need a bigger place. It may require a wall mount or accessible plug point for charging. Moreover, you can carry them easily as it is lightweight and slim design.

  1. Uses

Both the vacuum cleaner has several uses. Some uses are similar, and some are different. Recognizing their individual uses help you to make your decision more perfect.

  • Corded

Most of the corded vacuum cleaners made to deal with the heavy task. You can clean garbage, fireplace, and the pile of leaves, garage and flooded the place. Further, you can clean your tiles, or you can clean up carpet-heavy home. Corded vacuums are both reliable and powerful in the industrial zone and woodworking shop.

  • Cordless

It has effective action in the household chore. It’s more convenient for you if you don’t want to be tagging a cord around. Cordless can clean dust and debris from the laminate floor or any carpet.

It has a versatile activity which makes more popular among modern people. If you have children or pets, then cordless is the right choice for you. It can easily suck up pet hair or stain.

Also if you want to clean stair, then you should go for the cordless as they can carry and move anywhere. Reversely, the corded vacuum can clean the limited area as it holds into the plug. If you want to reduce your electricity bill, you should go for the cordless vacuum. You just need electricity for the charging the battery whereas corded one needs the continuous supply of power.

Final verdict

Lastly, I must say before you purchase a corded or corded cleaner keep these above features in your mind. Don’t choice randomly as it can’t fill up your requirements. Buying such product that wouldn’t be effective anymore then it would be the loss of your investment.

So the best idea is whenever you go for the vacuum cleaner make sure about your necessity. After all, costing doesn’t matter anymore; the matter is which one reach your demand!

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