How to Clean tile floors and grout

The hard part of having a beautiful tile floor that looks awesome and impresses everyone is the fact that it needs regular caring and maintenance.

Cleaning tile floors and grout – Step by step process

Today we are here to discuss this important aspect of tile floors maintenance. We will also be looking at some of the easiest ways to clean your tile and grout. If you want to have your floor looks shiny and new, then you have to clean it on a regular basis. Obviously, you can outsource the cleaning task to a professional cleaning service, but this could come at a significant cost. If paying for a professional cleaner doesn’t sound feasible to you, continue reading about the most efficient and easy ways to achieve this it.

Understanding the Root Problem

It would be quite helpful if we know why and how the grout gets so dirty in the first place. Then, we can easily choose a suitable cleaning option for it.

For example, in case of the bathroom, the grout stains are mainly caused by the mold, mildew or soap. However, in the case of the kitchen, it is mainly due to mildew, household traffic and/or food stains. For everyone’s safety, the best way to clean the grout is by using as little as possible acidic cleaners at first. Only if the first attempt was unsuccessful, try applying a harsher cleaning material for the purpose.

What methods are available at your disposal?

Well, there are lots of different options available to clean your tiles and grout. Depending on the nature and type of the stain, apply one of the following.

Household cleaning option:

This method of cleaning is used when the stains are not too severe. This approach is capable of taking care some the most common stains that are caused by everyday spillage. We call this the household cleaning method because all the components required to clean the grout are available in every household. Let’s have a look at the procedure for this cleaning method.

Make a paste of baking soda and water in 3:1 ratio

How to Clean tile floors and grout

Prepare an equal (1:1) solution of white vinegar and water, have it in a spray bottle. Apply the above made baking soda paste on the grout line and spray the vinegar solution over it. Bubbles will start forming indicating that cleaning process has begun. The bubbling will last for few minutes, once it stops the chemical action has stopped.

  • Now scrub the grout lines using a nylon or toothbrush along the grout line. While scrubbing give more attention to edges and corners
  • Once we are done with the cleaning, we now need to mop the floor using plain water to remove the residues of baking soda and vinegar.
  • While moping often changes the water. So the cleaners are not spread around the floor.
Tip: although baking soda and vinegar are not harmful but try to wear protecting gloves to irritation or rashes in some cases. Do not use this method on marbles as vinegar can tarnish its color.

Generic or commercial grout and tile cleaning products:tile and grout cleaning

If your grout and tiles still look untidy after the household cleaning then my friend you require a tougher cleaning option. Next, in line, we have the generic or commercial cleaning products. These cleaning products are readily available in the market at affordable price. The process of using such products are quite similar to the previous one.

The general procedure involved is as below.

  • Apply the cleaner to the tile and grout and wait for some time. See if there are visible actions let get settled.
  • Scrub the grout lines and tiles carefully using a nylon or toothbrush along the grout line and tile surface.
  • While cleaning, focus on edges and corners.
  • Now you need to mop the floor with clean water and take care that the cleansers are not spread around the floor.
Tip: To get the best cleaning results try to follow the exact direction for the use of the cleaner and use with a particular product intended. Here the key is to find a cleaner which is pH balanced so that its chemicals won’t corrode your tiles and grout in the longer run.

Heavy duty cleaning products:

If you have got yourselves a terrible stain to work with that is far beyond the reach of above-said methods, then heavy duty cleaning comes in. The heavy-duty cleaners comprise Oxygen Bleach powder, Hydrogen peroxide solution, chlorine bleach, etc. All of these products are highly oxidizing in nature and must be diluted according to before use. The general procedure for this method is mentioned below.

  • Make a small portion of the solution to test in an underlying area, just to check its effect on tiles and grout. If the above solution does not hamper the color and texture of your grout then prepare the solution for final cleaning.
  • Now carefully pour the solution on the grout line, and wait for few minutes.
  • Now scrub the grout line back and forth with the help of a nylon brush
  • While scrubbing takes care of the edges and corners as dirt gets accumulated over there.
  • Some stains are much tougher and need high strength cleaner, so prepare a small concentrated solution separately for such case and use accordingly.
  • Now pour clean water on the floor and mop it clean
Tip: To get the best cleaning results follow the instruction carefully. Wear protective equipment while working with them and try to avoid their use as far as possible. Never use any bleaching agent on colored grout as it can decolorize them, besides their overuse can damage your grout. If you working with them, make sure the working area is well ventilated.

Professional Steam cleaning:

Cleaning tile floors and grout

Perhaps it is quite uneconomical for some people, but it is one of the best ways to clean grout and tiles. All you have to do is to get a steam cleaner and follow the simple instructions. Here your grout is safe from getting de-colorized and damaged by chemicals and besides it sanitizes the entire floor. Let’s see how to use a steam cleaner to clean your tiles and grout.

  • First of all, you will need to assemble your cleaner properly, read the user manual carefully.
  • Now fill the reservoir with clean water, don’t add any chemical or detergents to it.
  • Plug in the cleaner and allow it prepare the required stream for cleaning purpose.
  • Now move the cleaning brush back and forth over the grout, starting from one side of the room.
  • After you are done, mop the floor using a towel as steam will condense into the water making the floor slippery.
Tip: Perhaps it’s the safest way to clean tiles and grout just you need to make sure that your steam has got the proper attachment. If a stain is hard to remove move the cleaner several times over it, it will clean up.


Well, it depends on the stain that what kind of approach you are going to follow. In my advice start with the method which is least harsh on your grout and tiles and advance if it is incapable to clean them. One of the best ways to prevent your tile and grout is to clean them. To know more in detail how you can clean your tile with minimum effort you can read the article The Best Way To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors and for the best-recommended vacuum for tile floors.

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