Comparison between canister vs upright vacuum

When it is time to purchase a new vacuum cleaner, there are basically 2 different types to choose from. The choices are between canister vs upright vacuum cleaners. Deciding on which type to get, will depend entirely on what the customer is looking for in a vacuum cleaner. This is because each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the top names in vacuum cleaners are Miele, Eureka, and Hoover. However, in this article the pros and cons of each type will be examined, to make it a little easier for the buyer. First, canister type cleaners will be examined.

Canister vs Upright vacuum

Canister Vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are mostly used for domestic purposes. This is because this type is generally easier to move around the house. Another way to put it is that it is more maneuverable. Another reason for its ease of use is its weight. This type is generally lighter compared to upright cleaners. Lighter weight means easier to transport around when carried. New model canister cleaners come with a sealed system, known as the heap system, which helps reduce allergy attacks when being used.

Canister vacuum cleaners will generally come with a retractable electric cable. The smaller size of the cleaner means it will be easier to clean those hard to reach areas such as underneath furniture. It will also come with a variety of different attachments, which some may need to give a more thorough cleaning.

Last but not least, canister types are more versatile for cleaning different types of surfaces, such as carpets, wood, tile floors and so on. On the downside, canister types require the person to pull instead of pushing. Some find this a little difficult to get used to because the vacuum cleaner will be behind the person when used. Even though canister types are lighter, they require picking up to move around.

Upright Vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are in a way the opposite of canister type. They tend to be larger, and if it carries a bag, will have a larger bag for longer use. This means it is better to use it in large areas that require lots of vacuuming. Upright types are positioned in front of the user when being used. Some people find this more convenient for practical purposes. This type will usually have fewer attachments, and will not require frequent bending while using. Some will have wheels powered by the motor, which makes it easier to move around. On the downside, the very reason that makes them popular, which is its size, is also what makes them inconvenient.

Larger size means more difficulty maneuvering in and around furniture. The higher weight will also make them difficult to use on stairs. Upright cleaners are not recommended to use on more fragile surfaces, as it may damage it.

Most upright vacuum cleaners do not come with a retractable electric cable. Uprights will also have shorter hoses, which can make cleaning certain areas of the room inconvenient. The bottom line is that uprights cleaners are generally used more for industrial purposes, such as factories and storage houses, whereas canister cleaners are better suited for houses.

Which one should choose

When looking to purchase new vacuum cleaners, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. One of the biggest decisions would be between a canister and an upright model. Both have their benefits and negative aspects, so it is best to wisely choose which will work best for the home. Most people are able to use vacuum cleaners for a number of years, so that makes this an important decision.

It usually comes down to a matter of preference as well as the type of cleaning to be done and the floors and layout of the home. There is no overall right model, but instead, a very personal thing to find the best vacuum cleaners.

Canister vacuum cleaners have a number of advantages over the upright versions. They are usually easier to push around since it is just the hose and cleaning head that is being moved around. The hose and wand usually make it far easier to get around and under furniture. Such areas are usually impossible to get with an upright model. The suction in these vacuum cleaners is also far superior. There are a lot of unique designs on the market for uprights, but the traditional canister will still outperform most uprights when it comes to power. With these, there is also a better filtering system, as many canisters offer HEPA filtration.

Finally, since they are compact, the easily store in a closet and have a much smaller footprint than the uprights. There are negatives that are associated with the canister vacuum cleaners. Since the canister is following behind the hose, it often can bang furniture and there is the chance to damage table legs and more.

Upright vacuum cleaners also have their benefits and negative aspects. They are quite easy to use when it comes to vacuuming large carpets areas and hallways. Also, having the cleaner in front is also a preference for a lot of people. The unit is all in one piece, so this appeals to a lot of people.

Depending on the type, there may be bagless canisters or bagged models. These will usually provide more capacity than the canisters. New models of uprights now come with a good number of onboard tools, so these are easily accessible whenever needed.

An upright vacuum is one that has both a suction head as well as motor located in the one unit. The vacuum cleaner is pushed by the user. The canister vacuum consists of a body which is wheeled and is pulled by the user who uses the nozzle to clean dirt. The following are a series of pros and cons for both of these vacuum cleaners.

Advantages of Canister Vacuum Cleaners

For vacuuming under objects such as coffee tables and furniture, canister vacuums are much easier to maneuver. They are also typically more lightweight and compact which is ideal for multi-level homes. The heads of the canister vacuum cleaners are quite light, therefore making it easy to hold and clean areas which are too small for other cleaners.

Another advantage of these vacuum cleaners is that they are able to be stored in small spaces and typically come with cords that are retractable, adding extra convenience to an already convenient machine.

Disadvantages of Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Some people do not like to use the extra energy to pull the canister vacuum cleaner behind them. Occasionally, because a person is not able to see as well behind them, the canister may hit furniture and cause minor damage as well… Canister cleaners are also more expensive on average.

Advantages of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Many claims that the upright vacuum cleaners are more convenient and easy to maneuver, particularly the self-propelled options that can move with ease in either a forward or reverse motion. Uprights can also be purchased that combine the reach of canister vacuum cleaners with attachments that can clean any surface from upholstery to stair corners… Most uprights easily transition from carpet to floor suction without the need for a manual change. They are also easy to empty as many are now bagless and require no messy bag replacement.

Disadvantages of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Uprights are often not as able to reach small spaces but detachable hoses often negate this disadvantage.

Which is the Best Choice?
When you are looking to purchase a new dustbuster, you should consider your personal preferences and needs. If you have lots of stairs in your home, a canister would probably be the best choice although there are also many light uprights that could easily do the trick.

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Final verdict

The easiest way to choose among the many different models that are available for purchase is to determine which of the many vacuum cleaners is best suited to your cleaning needs and your physical abilities. Many stores provide customers with the ability to test out their vacuum cleaners before purchase so that you can determine which of the options is best for your needs and those of your home.

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