The Best Way to Clean Carpet At Home

In every aspect of life, you should know two things. One is the right way of doing things, and another is the wrong way of doing things.

Similarly, you should recognize a clear concept about the best way to clean the carpet, and another is the wrong way to clean the carpet at home.

How nicely you decorate your home with the carpet! But did you know the carpets call millions of the dust on it those are gradually creates the allergy and asthma problem?

The method you apply to clean your carpet make sure it will surely give the best result. Otherwise, with the blurred concept, you will never be happy with your carpeting.

Perhaps your carpet would damage and lost its shiny look if you don’t know the right way to clean your carpet. Also, a clean carpet is essential both the appearance of your home and the health of your loving family members!

So, what is the right way to clean the carpet from the comfort of your home? It’s a tough thing to clean as it is big, heavy and it takes too much time to get clean.

Therefore, cleaning your carpet needs proper attention and individual efforts. Are you ready to clean your carpet?

Let’s take a peek at the benefits of implementing the best tips to keep your carpet clean.

How to clean carpet like a PRO – Steps to Follow

Best Way to Clean Carpet

  1. Blot Stain, Don’t Rub It

Most of the people make a mistake that is rubbing the carpet with a cloth to remove the stain. But it’s the entirely wrong way as it can discolor the carpet.

When you are rubbing the stain, the particle gets chance to get into the carpet fibers. Thus, premature breakdown may happen of that fiber.

The smart way to deal carpet stain is dab stain with a cleaning solution and a cloth or sponge. Next, blot from the outward of the stain inward, as blotting outside can spread the stain.

Blotting has a pressure on the stain that helps to soak up from the carpet.

  1. Use A Right Carpet Cleaner

The best way to clean carpet at home is definitely using right cleaners or to be specific. All of we know a hundred types of cleanser are available on the market.

Make sure which one is perfect for your carpet and whatever carpet cleaning product you use, read the directions and follow the given instructions.

You can remove set stains with the homemade solution that is 1/3 vinegar in water solution.

Keep in brain that stains caused by bodily liquids will usually need special care.

If you’re trafficking with a new bloodstain, blot it with cold water or hydrogen peroxide. Don’t apply lukewarm water, as it will lock the stain. To deal with the solid stain, first, blot with hydrogen peroxide and follow up with an enzyme-based detergent.

For picking up pet urine, apply an enzyme-based cleaner individually designed for that type of stain.

Before you use any cleaner, don’t forget to test it on the corner of the carpet either it is suitable for your carpet or not.

  1. Baking Soda For Carpet

Baking soda is the best as a carpet cleaner. Also, using it to clean up the carpet is harmless for you as it has no toxicity.

Club soda is effective against of the stain of both the beer and the wine. It can eliminate the odor as it’s a deodorizing agent too.

Sprinkle some of the baking soda and let’s leave it for settle down on the carpet. After that, vacuum it in the horizontal and vertical direction and this is how to clean carpet with baking soda.

  1. Using Carpet Shampoo Cleaner

Carpet shampoo is one of the prominent ways to wash the carpets. There is a variety of commercial carpet shampoo available, that’s why ensure you have to maintain the instruction on the package.

Make the solution according to the commands on the bottle. Sometimes the product will require to dilute by the adding of water.

Take sufficient shampoo to coat the carpet area. Don’t make the carpet too damp as it’s a misuse of detergent, and also taking a long time to dry. Thus it damages both machine and carpet.

Now, take a hard-bristled brush to Scrub on the individually stubborn areas. Don’t scrub much as it leads to ruin your carpet by the erosion of the outer layer.

Give time to the carpet to dry. Finally, once it becomes dry, vacuum the shampoo properly.

Try to clean with HEPA filter vacuum as it is the best for the killing airborne microorganism.

Make sure your vacuum soak up as much as shampoo. Otherwise, if the carpet stays too wet or dust, it can lead to mold and mildew

Before you use the shampoo on the carpet, don’t forget to cover the legs of the furniture to protect them from water damage.

  1. Freeze-Dried Gum

Oh! The chewing gum on the carpet makes everybody scared. Really if you don’t know how to deal with it, then it surely damages your loving carpet.

But you will glad to know there is a solution to get it out from the carpet. Also, the trick is the easiest and has no cost!

The solution is to use an ice cube on the chewing gum. To remove it, head to the freezer and gripe a couple of ice cubes. Chill the gum with ice cubes for about 30-40 seconds.

Once the gum is frozen hard, use a spoon to raise the pitch and trim the thread of carpet as close to the gum as possible. If you cut only a little volume of carpet fiber, the spot shouldn’t be remarkable.

4 Actionable Steps to clean the carpet to avoid allergies


  1. Use Non-toxic product

Always keep remembering that chemicals are harmful to your body. If you have the allergy it is the best option to use the non-toxic product for cleaning if you have the allergy.

Baking soda with vinegar is such an amazing cleaning product but non-toxic. It is very easy to use and gives you a clean carpet.

Add the equal amount of baking soda and vinegar and some water to make a solution. Then put the solution into a dispenser bottle and spray on the carpet. Give some minute to let them set and dry. Now rub with a clean cloth (use white cloth for the better result as you don’t want to any dyes on your carpet) and you notice the dirt will disappear like magic. This solution is able to remove the stain.

  1. Vacuum regularly

This one is my personal favorite as it works really nice! Regular vacuum make sure you that ant dirt or dust can’t accumulate on the carpet. It also removes any stain from the carpet.

Also many specialist and doctor would like to suggest to the allergic person for HEPA vacuum filter to get relief from the dust. Generally, carpets retain dust and other allergic particles. To remove that particle from your carpet you need some strong suction vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner.

Moreover, if you suffer from allergy or asthma then definitely you should go for the vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. Because it was designed to remove 99.98% dust particle and able to purify the air.

One of the best ideas is to go for items such as BISSELL Vacuum with OnePass cleaner. It’s a great product from the brand Bissell, and it will make sure that you do not have any issues with your carpet at all.

Likely, you are a pet owner but you have the allergy too or your family member gets asthma. In such a case, you need to vacuum your carpet with a HEPA filtered vacuum. It can accurately catch the pet hair.

So, vacuum your carpet in weekly or after 3 days to keep away from the dust particle.

  1. Vapor Steam Clean Carpets

The best way to clean the carpet is giving it vapor steamed. You can purchase a steam cleaner or rent a professional to do it if you don’t want to do yourself or you have no time.

This is best as it can heat the water up to 221degrees and you will be happy to know at 60 degrees all the dust particle are destroyed. You can also add the just little amount of carpet cleaner detergent with water while steaming. It will give you more shiny carpet.

One important thing is before you go for the steaming first find what kind of carpet you have. Some of the carpets are metal and others are wool or synthetic. Different types of carpet have the different level of the heat tolerant.

Also for wool carpet, you can apply the ‘Formula 90 Powder’ detergent or for synthetic apply the ‘Power Burst’. A standard steam cleaner permit you to adjust the temperature of the steam

After steaming let the carpet dry from wet. For completely dry it takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the type of the carpet. Avoid walking on the wet carpet especially barefooted

  1. Spot Cleaning Stains

Honestly, it is workable to remove spilled drink, pet urine, coffee stain, blood spots, and other stains.

  • Pressing down a white paper towel to suck up the urine of the pet or coffee stain from the carpet. Doing this step until the urine is disappeared and remember don’t use the same towel, for each press you have to use the new fresh paper towel.
  • Next put the little amount of vinegar and water into the spray bottle. Now spray onto the stain and again press it with the paper towel. Repeat this step until you get out from the bad odor.
  • Lastly, use some sprinkle of the baking soda over the area which is a great natural odor absorber and let them dry. You might see some yellow staff come up too. Then vacuum the area all up that should take care of stain.
  • Alternatively, you can use 3% of hydrogen peroxide to remove these stain. For this process first, you have to know the type of the carpet and apply on the corner of the carpet to ensure it will suit your carpet.

Final Verdict

Don’t bother about what kind of carpet you own; the matter is how do you clean it. If you clean it in a right manner; really you can find the clean carpet.

Remember don’t leave over any stain on the carpet, it will make your job harder. Try to be an active person and clean the stain immediately.

Clean your carpet daily whenever you do your house chore. It keeps your carpet dust and germ-free. Even it makes your task easy!

Lastly, if you have another idea that you use to clean your carpet then share with me in comment box down.

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