Backpack Vacuum vs Upright – Which One’s Right For You

Vacuum cleaning has become more like a routine in most modern homes and even places of work. The main reason for this is the effectiveness of the cleaning process as they usually leave a room spotless clean as compared to traditional cleaning methods.

The success of any vacuum cleaning process depends mostly on the vacuum cleaner used. There are two common types of vacuum cleaners namely; the Backpack Vacuum Cleaners and the Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Choosing one over the other is not a walk in the park as each of these cleaners has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s delve deeper into their specifics so you can choose the correct one for your cleaning needs.

Backpack Vacuum

This type of vacuum has its dust chamber and the motor assembly housed in a canister, which enables the user to carry it on the back by back straps while doing the cleaning. Most of these backpack vacuums designed in such a way that they will not hurt the user with their weight. Here are some of the best backpack vacuum reviews.

As far as weight is concerned, they have been specially designed to weigh less than ten pounds and that they do not exert their pressure to the shoulders of the user, but they instead press against the hips, helping in reducing the back strain to the user.

Advantages of the Backpack vacuum

  • Gives the user Manoeuvrability: These vacuum machines are usually carried around by the cleaner while working, which means that the burden of pulling and pushing the cleaner while cleaning is reduced, thereby improving efficiency.
  • They are ideal for commercial cleaning: Their light weight enables the user to move around comfortably and this means that the cleaner can cover a large part while working. This advantage coupled with the fact that they have large waste bags for a significant waste capacity which reduce the instances of halting the cleaning process.
  • Reduces instances of fatigue: Most of these cleaners have a long hose pipe used to collect waste, which prevents the user from having to bend while cleaning. Also, they have a self-battery operating system which solves the problem long cable power connection which may be cumbersome.
  • Low Noise: Compared to other machines, the backpack varieties have a low noise emission, which enables the cleaner to work without distraction, or even getting affected by the noise from the machine. Apart from the worker, those around are also not distracted by the noise.

Disadvantages of Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

  • They may be very effective: When it comes to portability and the area of cleaning they cover, but the backpack vacuum machines have their weaknesses.
  • They are not fit for the old: Backpack machines may provide the comfort of walking around while cleaning, but they don’t consider the old people who may have back problems or even have issues in lifting their weight.
  • Not sufficient for ceiling cleaning: For anyone that wants to clean the floor, the backpack vacuum may be the best option. However, during cleaning of upper walls and ceilings, it cannot be relied.
  • Posses low suction power: As efficient as they may be to carry around, the backpack vacuums may not be effective in cleaning. They possess a lower suction power which means that they may not possibly suck all the waste.

Upright Vacuum

The upright vacuum machines are made of simple essential components as they contain, exhaust and an intake port which provide the pressure that sucks the waste. They run with simple motor drives the fan and is usually electrically powered. Hence they require the machine to be plugged into an electric switch. The intake port contains a rotating brush which gathers dirt from the carpets and floors.
The upright vacuum usually pushed and pulled upon the floor or carpet to do the cleaning. This means that the cleaner must be able to drag the machine over the dirty area for the cleaning to take place. In some cases, the machine requires a wet surface

Advantages Of The Upright Cleaner

  • Great on carpeted floors: The upright cleaners may not be perfect in all areas, but in case you want a perfect job on your carpet, they are the best. Their rotating brush leaves no dirt particle around as they can penetrate the deepest parts of your woolen carpet and extract the tough stains. This feature also includes the pets’ fur which usually gets stuck in carpets.
  • They are great at cleaning stairs: Generally, all upright vacuums have a long hose pipe for cleaning. This feature enables the user to be able to have a touch of the stairs because of the unrestricted mobility.
  • They have high dust capacity: It is usually tiring when you have to empty the waste bag after every few minutes. As for the upright vacuums, their large waste bags allow for a large dust capacity saving the user the stress of having to empty it after a few rounds of cleaning.
The Larger head which covers more surface area – The upright cleaners have an added advantage to the cleaner in that their heads are huge which gives them the ability to cover a larger area while cleaning. This advantage means less round will be done.

Disadvantages of Upright Vacuums:

Their rotating head brushes may give them an added advantage in cleaning the carpets, but they still have some setbacks as below.
  • They are heavier: Due to the components of their operating system; the motors the brushes and such, these machines tend to be too heavy to push around, and they may be ineffective for the weak or the old. As they tend to bring quick tiredness.
  • Ineffective in space restricted areas: Due to their large structure, the upright vacuums tend to be ineffective in areas where space is limited as they are unable to pass through smaller spaces. This limitation makes them only useful on open floors.
  • Rotating head brush is ineffective for hard floors: The rotating head brush known for its ability to get rid of dirt in carpets, but its ability is limited to hard floors. This limitation is because these brushes may be too soft and break or even the rotating intensity could break your floor.

Final Verdict

The vacuum machines may vary in their modifications and terms of use, but the truth is they are all effective when used in their right places. The Upright Vacuum may tend to be rigid and a bit ineffective in most situations, which is why most people prefer to use the Backpack Vacuum. All in all, the ultimate choice comes down to the customer.

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